Office Building Lobby

The Challenge:  To match the floor of an elevator, done in Toli sheet vinyl, with the floor of an office building lobby, done in ceramic tile.

The Solution: We recut the Toli into 2x2 tiles and then layed it down  in patterns which mirrored the ceramic tile in the lobby floor.

Universal Studios

The Challenge:  To re-carpet the floor in Building 2160 at Universal Studios, an office space with a massive amount of systems furniture, without disrupting work operations.

The Solution:  Using our hydraulic lift system, we worked successive nights and week-ends,  lifting furniture, partitions, computers, and electrical systems off the ground in order to lay the carpet underneath.  No work operations were disrupted.

Nike Retail Space

The Challenge:  To carpet a neglected warehouse in downtown Los Angeles where the 60-year-old cement floors were broken and crumbling.

The Solution:  Prep out the entire floor, making it smooth and even with Ardex cementious patch materials.


Wolfgang Peterson Home

The Challenge: To accommodate the Peterson’s, who have an animal hospital in their home where they take in ‘special needs’ cats, with a floor which would be resistant to stain.

The Solution: Installation of special PVC flooring which was both attractive and appropriate for home use, as well as stain resistant.


The Challenge: To install new floors in two San Diego County stores in three days with as little disruption as possible to the continuing flow of consumer traffic. 

The Solution: Crews were employed 24-hours a day for the three day period.  A $40,000 piece of heavy equipment (affectionately referred to as ‘The Terminator’) was brought in to tear out the existing floor as quickly as possible.



The Challenge: To install an intricately patterned floor with twelve colors of Marmoleum, the pieces cut by water-jet into widely varying sizes and shapes. 

The Solution: Premier Carpet partner Joe Nye installed the project himself, taking the expert time and care necessary to make it perfect.


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